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    Microscope Camera MC20

    Microscope Camera

    MC20 professional digital microscope Camera uses EXview HAD CCD, the same chip as Olympus DP71.The imaging quality captured by MC20 is comparable with Olympus DP71.MC20 can be used to observe faint light, chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, flow cytometery, GFP,FISH,NIR ,FRET, bright or dark field, DIC, living cells, IHC and so on.

    With a standard C-MOUNT, MC20 can be widely connected to various kinds of microscopes.

    High resolution & high quality image.
    Speed of preview15fps, resolution1360x1024.
    USB2.0 design makes it easy to carry and install.
    Standard C-MOUNT is widely use in connection between microscope and camera.
    2/3" SONY EXview HAD CCD, good quality guarantee.


    Sensor 2/3"SONY EXview HAD CCD Readout Noise 8e-
    Resolution 1360x1024,12bit Spectral Response 400nm1000nm
    Pixels 6.45m x6.45m Interface USB2.0 (480 Mbit / sec)
    Frame Rate 15fps@1360x1024 Power DC 5V 5%
    60fps@640x480 Electricity 200 mA
    Binning 2x2,4x4 Adapter C-mount
    Shutter Electronic shutter, continuous variable speed White Balance Manual/Auto One-touch
    S/N Ratio 72dB Exposure 1/44000s~115s, Auto
    Scan Mode Progressive scanning Software Display,capture,video,measure
    Operating Temp -10C ~ 75C Application Faint light, chemiluminescence,bioluminescence,flow cytometery, GFP,FISH,NIR ,FRET, bright or dark field, DIC, living cells, IHC and so on.

    stereomicroscopeGFP,fluorescence microscope

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